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BIG Event Signs and Graphics

BIG Event Signs and Graphics

22 Feb

By dev1

Raleigh, NC – Cranky Creative Group was contracted to execute the event branding for the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo at the Raleigh Convention Center. Cranky Creative placed over 9,000 sqft of window graphics on the massive front windows (shown below) branding the entire event for show goers as they walked in. All graphics seen below are fully removable without damage to the surface they are installed on. These are all temporary event graphics. If you are interested in learning more, please call 877.311.7446 or 919.596.5588.  Or visit: Cranky Creative Group



Cranky also wrapped walls, columns, installed outside banners, and created graphics space on non-traditional surfaces for the event. There is no better way to brand an event, then to integrate the graphics into a totally integrated branding experience! 





The event displays were designed using the colors, and brand of the expo, and incorporated into the non-traditional graphic uses you see above. Tradeshow graphics, expo graphics, and event graphics can all be produced through this large-format graphics installation process without damage to the walls upon removal. 



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