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Stop Human Trafficking Bus Wrap

Posted by Barbra Bannon on Sun, Jan 10, 2010 @ 03:23 PM
Kenya- Vehicle wraps aren't only for businesses promoting themselves or products; they can be used to provide awareness for a message also. The above vehicle wrap is to promote awareness in Kenya about human trafficking. The vehicle wrap cleverly provides the image of a young girl riding in the cabin of a bus to be sold into the human trafficking industry. And of course it provides the number to a help line to provide information.

The vehicle wrap promotes awareness of human trafficking and is also thought provoking. It encourages the viewer to question if a child is being sold into trafficking the next time they see a bus or van traveling. Because this vehicle wrap does not promote a product but rather an idea with imagery it also allows the vehicle ad to be remembered when a regular bus passes by. The viewer is more inclined to remember the picture of the little girl traveling in the cabin since they had seen the bus wrap previously.

This ability to recall the idea of human trafficking without seeing the actual wrap is exactly the type of presence and remembrance vehicle wraps create. Because they are mobile advertisements, vehicle wraps are able to reach far more people than a billboard or magazine/newspaper advertisement. And because they are seen by more people and usually have a lower cost per impression than traditional forms of advertising they have an increased return on investment.

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