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Posted by Barbra Bannon on Wed, Feb 17, 2010 @ 04:41 PM

event branding 

Cranky Creative Group Can Brand Any Event, Big or Small


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Truck Wrap | Wet n Dirty Toys Inc.

Posted by Barbra Bannon on Sun, Feb 07, 2010 @ 04:35 PM
truck wrapYoungsville, NC- Wet n Dirty Toys Inc., an outdoor vehicle service and repair company was looking for an innovative way to market their company and increase business. It didn't take Wet n Dirty long to realize the most cost-effective way to achieve its goal was to wrap a truck! While searching on the internet for NC companies that do vehicle wraps, guess who came up... Cranky Creative Group!

Cranky Creative Group provided eye-catching graphics for Wet n Dirty's truck wrap! Images of people have great times on jet skis, combined with vibrant colors and Wet n Dirty's contact information packed a powerful punch to provide a dynamic truck wrap.

truck wraps

As a form of advertising, vehicle wraps provide an ‘in your face- can't miss' advertisement. They can be permanent or short-term, can advertise any graphic, product, or service your mind can imagine, and are mobile! What more can you ask for in an advertisement? Vehicle wraps are an advertiser's dream. They can't be turned off, thrown away, or re-routed to a spam folder.

Cranky Creative Group provides graphics and vehicle wraps that are sure to meet its customer's goals. From start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies, every company can benefit from vehicle wraps and Cranky Creative Group knows just how to make it happen!

For more information about vehicle wraps and the benefits they can provide for your business contact Cranky Creative Group at 877-311-7446 or visit

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Snake Bus Wrap | Copenhagen Zoo

Posted by Barbra Bannon on Fri, Dec 25, 2009 @ 03:16 PM

snake bus wrap

Copenhagen- Many businesses are taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of vehicle wraps, including industries that you wouldn't think would use vehicle wraps, for example a zoo.

People visit zoos every year, but just like other businesses the zoo industry is looking for unconventional advertising techniques such as vehicle wraps to boost sales and customers.

In the above vehicle wrap there's a giant constrictor snake squeezing the Copenhagen city bus. This vehicle wrap provokes viewers to think of one thing zoos are known for, giant snakes. What better way to increase visitors than advertising something they are dying to see that your business offers!

Vehicle wraps continue to be the most affordable type of outdoor advertising. They get the most amount of views from potential customers for every dollar spent. Even when you are out of town or in traffic your brand continues to be advertised.

Cranky Creative Group is able to produce vehicle wraps similar to the Copenhagen Snake Bus for businesses around the nation. Be sure to contact CCG for your next advertising campaign, for less money than conventional advertising cost you can reach your customers where they have no choice but to see you-- on the road or in a parking lot!

For more information about vehicle wraps please visit or call 877.311.7446.

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Elevator Wraps as an Effective Advertising Medium

Posted by Barbra Bannon on Thu, Dec 03, 2009 @ 03:04 PM
New Hampshire- Similar to vehicle wraps, elevator wraps can't be turned off or thrown away. They are continuously read over and over again by those that see them. The advertised message is read while waiting for the elevator, inside the elevator and when exiting the elevator.

In the above advertisement a typical wedding photo was affixed to elevator doors in a law firm. Unfortunately, every time the doors opened, the couple split up. But help was at hand for everyone in the same position as soon as they stepped into the elevator: a sign showed the name of the law firm and which floor the office was on.

Elevator wraps remain an effective advertising medium because they make a mundane act, waiting for an elevator, a memorable moment. Who wouldn't remember a couple that split up every time elevator doors opened? Elevator wraps are being used frequently by companies and event planners looking to make a unique impression on potential clients and consumers.

For more information on elevator wraps contact Cranky Creative Group at 877-775-WRAP or visit

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