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General FAQs

General FAQs

What is Surface Branding?

Surface branding involves generating graphics by a large-format digital printer onto a material matched for the specific surface.  Once the graphics are printed, they are usually laminated with a protective film to prevent scratching and damage to the graphics over time. These graphics are then applied to the surface of choice by a Cranky Certified graphics installer anywhere in the USA, Canada, and other select International locations.

What surfaces can graphics be applied to?

Here is a list of some of the surfaces we’ve wrapped:

  • Marble and wood columns
  • Metal elevators
  • Painted drywall
  • Brick, concrete and stucco Walls
  • Porcelain urinals
  • Motorcycles and golf carts
  • Windows
  • Carpet
  • Boats and vehicles
  • Furniture (branded conference tables, cafe tables, chairs, barstools, bar tops, etc.)
  • Laptops
  • Plastics
  • Trash cans
  • Kitchen mixers
  • Bus stops
  • Poolsides

How can I use Surface Branding to advertise?

By offering alternative advertising and below-the-line promotional solutions through the customized application of thin-film graphics on any surface, we enable our clients to reach audiences where they live, work, and play.

We encourage you to use our products to bring your advertising ideas to life!  If you have an idea, call us and talk it through to make it happen.  Since you will have the ability to brand almost any surface, you have unlimited brainstorming potential for you or your client’s projects.  Some ways to apply our below-the-line media:

  • Corporate Engagement Strategies and Office Environments (VIP parking lot graphics, elevator wraps, dry-erase wall murals, laptop skins, cardboard cutout standees, eco-friendly signage, and more!)
  • Event Branding and Promotions (Bus shelter environments, smart-car fleet advertising, segway shield advertising, huge temporary removable sponsorship walls, door wraps for ribbon cuttings, carpet decals leading to clients’ booths at convention centers, and Porta John ad panel billboards at outdoor events!)
  • Property Management Leasing Space (Some of our clients work with large property management companies to promote new leasing programs on their lobby’s elevators.)
  • Entertainment and Universities (Wrapping concrete walls at stadiums and at concert facilities and murals in main buildings to showcase culture and projects)
  • In-Store Media (enhanced product displays with check-out conveyor belt wraps, or with floor graphics and decals, window store-front displays and more!)
  • Creating New Media Venues (graphics can be displayed in city parking garages, cafe tabletops, horse and buggy carriages or anywhere you can imagine!)

The founders of the company are large-format printing industry experts, national magazine columnists for WRAPS magazine, winners of Count Me In and American Express’s Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Program, Master certified graphic installers, and marketing consultants specialized in integrative media solutions.  Cranky Creative’s staff reflects this knowledge and expertise to create the company backbone that you need to succeed!

What types of materials and finishes are available?

  • Short-term removable, no-damage material is typically used for event branding and can be applied for up to a week and removed without causing any damage to the surfaces.
  • Long-term materials can last up to five years on a surface.  Longer term materials are typically used on vehicle wraps and environmental branding applications such as wall murals.

The finish of the media is determined by the laminate.  There are three finishes available, gloss, semi-gloss, and matte.  Matte provides a manufactured look, so the graphics looked as if they were a part of the manufacturing of the surface.  Gloss provides a chic, advertising finish that looks more like paint.


Why Choose Cranky Creative Group?

  • Master certified graphics installation company – you know we are going to do it right!
  • Industry authority in wrap advertising – National Columnists in WRAPS magazine
  • 100% Warranted work – backed by the material manufacturers
  • We use the highest quality material on the market to ensure you receive the best product to showcase your brand
  • Award-winning design talent – we match your project with the right designer to make your graphics unforgettable
  • We are more than just graphics people, we are marketing minds skilled in all aspects of advertising design
  • We can handle local and nationally based campaigns, simply and hassle-free – contact us to inquire about international service



Where did the name “Cranky Creative” come from?

We recognize that everybody has a Cranky side to themselves, and it’s OK. As kids we were allowed to be real without judgment. As adults we have to behave, do what is expected, and are pressured to be a success. This pressure to be perfect limits creativity and stifles the human spirit. Be cranky, be happy, be sad, be goofy, be you – we like you, whatever mood you may be in. Having a bad day? Call the Cranky Hotline. Leave your worries with us, so you don’t bring it home to the kiddies. Cranky Creative saves families, marriages, and communities by offering a comfortable place to brainstorm those crazy ideas you partner doesn’t want to talk about at home, a place to cry on our shoulder, or just go a little nutty on our company trampoline. Cranky is more than just a non-traditional advertising firm, we are a space to experience true human freedom. Whatever you need, give the Cranky’s a call.

Order Process

Phase 1 – The Story Begins:
We begin by “wrapping” our brains around your brand to understand your target audience, market, and advertising goals.

Phase 2 – The 3D Brand Transformation:
We incorporate elements of your brand that would work in an idiosyncratic way on 3D objects.

Phase 3 – Cranky Gets Creative:
We identify the best method of execution and location, then we turn it over to our creative department to work their magic.

Phase 4 – The Magic Happens:
We proof. We produce. We let them loose! The final touch is unleashing our certified installers on the market to execute the campaign.

You can come to us for the whole wrap campaign she-bang!

What Our Clients Says

Cranky has raised the bar on my expectations for an advertising provider. Cranky delivers exemplary products that always contain an innovative spin! They know that their product is amazing and after one consultation with them, you will too! I admire, appreciate and trust Cranky wholeheartedly and would highly recommend her as a business partner, service provider, and friend!

- Carissa Draus, State Farm Agent

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