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Porta-John graphics, tabletop graphics, poolside concrete graphics, urinal wraps, phone booths, newspaper bins, trash cans, even escalator hand rails.

Need to reach consumers in their natural habitats? Try our out-of-home graphics solutions to catch their eye and integrate your brand into their daily lives.

Check out our idea gallery for some creative ways to reach your clients.

With a market overflowing with advertising, every consumers brain is fully saturated with advertising messages daily.  Companies can’t afford not to be creative and fun in this economy.  Creating a memorable experience for consumers through the use of interactive brand environments is a proven way to break the monotony of an ad saturated world. Check out some fun ways these inventive companies have done it.

Vending Machine Ad Campaign for, a recruiting firm.

Using wrap media, this company advertising their nasal spray, brainstormed what objects blew air like the human nose…  think about transforming your concept into a real world consumer interaction… this is a memorable and effective use of wrap media!

The ad doesn’t have to be complex… a simple twist in an everyday environment (like a crosswalk) can make the impact you are looking for.  This ad for Mr. Clean is a prime example of brilliant out-home-home wrap media.

When brainstorming campaign ideas, keep your eyes peeled for objects that resemble symbols in your campaign.  For the Sci-Fi channel, the apex of this light post looked like a UFO… this easily transformed into an appealing and creative column wrap!

For more ideas to help you brainstorm and learn about how to effectively use wrap media check out our idea gallery for some creative ways to reach your clients.

note: Cranky Creative did not execute all of the campaigns above. These are used for example only to assist in the generation of creative advertising ideas.

What Our Clients Says

Cranky has raised the bar on my expectations for an advertising provider. Cranky delivers exemplary products that always contain an innovative spin! They know that their product is amazing and after one consultation with them, you will too! I admire, appreciate and trust Cranky wholeheartedly and would highly recommend her as a business partner, service provider, and friend!

- Carissa Draus, State Farm Agent

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