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Green Eco-Friendly Signs and Signage

Green Eco-Friendly Signs and Signage

22 Feb

By dev1

Cranky Creative unveiled their new Eco-Board at CED’s BioTech Conference last week. Their new eco-board material biodegrades in landfills within 4 years. This is a significant time difference based upon foamcore, it’s non-biodegradable alternative which biodegrades between 80 – 450 years.


“We are very excited to join the green movement. After finding out that the signage and tradeshow industries were the second largest contributor to landfills, we had to do something to reduce the impact we were inadvertently making on the earth. We have to think about future generations, and this is only the beginning.” stated Barbra Denison, CEO Cranky Creative Group.


Eco Board Features:


– Approximately 63% Post Consumer Waste
– Excellent Printability, Flatness, and Availability
– Pure White Printable Surface
– 100% Recyclable
– Made in the USA
– Comperable pricing to non-eco friendly materials


Cranky also offers Biodegradable Eco-Foam Board that is SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) Certified Material. This material is also guaranteed to breakdown 100% within 5 years in a landfill.



Also ask about our go green, eco-friendly banners.


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