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Window and Storefront Graphics

Window and Storefront Graphics

22 Feb

By dev1

Raleigh/Durham, NC – So many businesses look for traditional ways of advertising, spending thousands on billboards, TV, radio, and print. Statistics show that 70% of buying decisions are made in-store! Portraying a professional image and clear message to potential buyers when they are in the purchasing mindset, be it hungry for lunch, interested in electronics, or looking for cleaning services, you have to catch them while they are thinking about it. If your business has foot traffic, think about all of the passersby that walk by that you could be reaching with vibrant window graphics. 



Use windows as an educational platform to show clients why they should come in your store. What value do you add, and why should they use you? Perhaps you own a rock-climbing gym – entice them with adventure graphics, showing fit bodies having fun outdoors. The whole purpose of graphics is to create an experience for clients to show them what you are selling. Cranky Creative Group works nationwide and if you are interested in creating powerful retail experiences with your windows, give us a call 877-311-7446 or 919-596-5588. 



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